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  1. If 1NT is doubled, some sort of escape system may be used.
  2. The escape system of the Petronas Towers has other advantages, Thornton said.
  3. The launch escape system canard surfaces deployed and survived the severe environment.
  4. After first stage separation and second-stage ignition, the launch escape system was jettisoned.
  5. Some crewed rockets, notably the Saturn V and Soyuz have launch escape systems.
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  7. Ten seconds later, the Launch Escape System was jettisoned as planned.
  8. Scientists tested an emergency escape system for astronauts during the launch, they said.
  9. Besides, NASA concedes even the most elaborate escape system cannot guarantee crew survival.
  10. Shortly after interstage separation the Launch Escape System was also jettisoned.
  11. The company also produces explosives used in military crew escape systems.
  12. About 30 minutes after the aborted launch, the launch escape system suddenly activated.
  13. O'Connor headed a panel that looked at crew escape systems after the disaster.
  14. The desert work focused on the development of spy gear and high-altitude escape systems.
  15. The launch escape system was jettisoned at the same time.
  16. Both factories had inadequate prevention, protection and escape systems.
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