escape steam in a sentence

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  1. The escaping steam shook nearby office buildings, causing many occupants to immediately evacuate.
  2. Several passengers were also killed from escaping steam from the locomotives.
  3. They had disassembled it too quickly, and were severely scalded by escaping steam.
  4. So, this yields the flux of escaping steam from the surface of the water.
  5. The escaping steam killed or scalded almost the entire crew.
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  7. If they were any larger, the volume of escaping steam would itself endanger the crew.
  8. Without wastewater to replenish the escaping steam, The Geysers would eventually dry up and die.
  9. The roar of escaping steam makes conversation impossible.
  10. Engineer John O'Dowd was trapped in the cab and scalded over most of his body by escaping steam.
  11. "Yoma " settled rapidly by her stern and was shrouded by escaping steam and clouds of coal dust.
  12. They are known also to produce audible sound during flight, a click or a sound like escaping steam.
  13. He represented a Polish seaman who sued Norwegian Cruise Line in 1997 for being burned by escaping steam.
  14. Scalded with escaping steam, an ambulance officer gave Hind a syringe of the painkiller morphine, which he injected into himself.
  15. For example, readers are reminded that pot lids should be lifted away at an angle to avoid injury from escaping steam.
  16. The State also experimented with several methods to more efficiently remove escaping steam from the boiling brine without any satisfactory results.
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