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  1. All underwater recordings show herring constantly cruising reaching speeds up to per second, and much higher escape speeds.
  2. Escape velocity, as it says in the article, would be better referred to as " escape speed ".
  3. Underwater recordings show herring constantly cruising at high speeds up to 108 cm per second, with much higher escape speeds.
  4. However, if the same craft travels radially from the centre of gravity, and at escape speed, then it will escape.
  5. Also note that all the pretty colors are "'outside " of the set, and colored by'escape speed '.
  6. It's difficult to find escape speed in a sentence.
  7. Because of its large size and velocity in case of danger ( 24 km / h escape speed ), the oceanic manta ray has very few natural predators that could be fatal to it.
  8. :If a craft travels at an accute angle relative to the tangent of centre of gravity, and its speed is slightly over the escape speed, then it can not escape the gravitational well.
  9. Because of its large size and velocity in case of danger ( 24 km / h escape speed ), the reef manta ray therefore knows very few natural predators which could be fatal to it.
  10. My reasoning is that the escape speed farther from the earth is lower, so the speed of the satellite also needs to be lower, otherwise it won't stay in its orbit but escape.
  11. Even if the target had sufficient warning and time to shed weight and drag by dropping external ordnance and accelerate to supersonic escape speeds, doing so would have inherently forced the enemy aircraft to abort its bombing mission.
  12. Applying a ?v at the LEO of only 0.78 km / s more ( 3.20 " 2.42 ) would give the rocket the escape speed, which is less than the ?v of 1.46 km / s required to circularize the geosynchronous orbit.
  13. :: : : : : : : : Escape speed at a given distance is  " 2 times the speed of a circular orbit at that distance, by the way . ( In a Newtonian universe; near a black hole that's likely off . )  talk ) 08 : 44, 14 December 2008 ( UTC)
  14. The ion propulsion / xenon propellant module would have been positioned close to the center of gravity, its 250 km / s exhaust velocity ion engines providing a thrust of 0.35 millimeters per second . " TAU " would have attained Earth escape velocity in 250 days in a spiralling orbit, followed by Solar System escape speed 700 days later.
  15. In particular, people involved with space travel tend to say " velocity " even when they mean speed : for example, they speak of escape velocity rather than " escape speed ", even though escaping depends only on kinetic energy and therefore only on speed . ( Okay, speed and not being on a collision course . )-- Anonymous, April 18, 2007, 08 : 40 ( UTC ).

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