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  1. They might also connect to an escape shaft.
  2. Some 200 men and boys made their way to the surface, some through escape shafts, some using the hoisting cage.
  3. It took three more days for the escape shaft drill to be repaired and to reach the miners with a rescue capsule.
  4. Schweiker demonstrated his executive mettle in long days of comforting the miners'families, cheering rescuers on at the escape shaft and mastering information for high-profile delivery to the news media.
  5. In preparation for these possibilities, an airlock was fashioned to go on top of the escape shaft, and on Thursday evening, 10 portable hyperbaric chambers arrived at the drilling site.
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  7. The upper-floor includes the operations room, washroom, toilets, first aid room, telephone exchange, and an escape shaft . The main entrance is on this floor, and is defended by two embrasures.
  8. Concrete was poured down the escape shafts rather than through the tunnel entrances to avoid contamination with the rock leaving the tunnel; these chutes can still be seen in many of the tunnels.
  9. The escape shaft was not convenient to use, but with the bunker having a good ventilation system and walls several metres of concrete thick, the chances are the shaft would never have be used.
  10. As it was not safe for rescuers to blast their way through, a special borer was brought in to drill an escape shaft . They were finally released on 9 May after 14 days underground.
  11. The effectiveness of the escape shafts at the emergency stations is enhanced by having exhaust fans to extract smoke, television cameras to help route passengers to safety, thermal ( infrared ) fire alarm systems, and water spray nozzles.
  12. Lacking the means to drill an escape shaft, the authorities were forced to requisition a heavy-duty bore from Bremen; the considerable time necessary to ship this device by rail had significantly reduced the chances of a successful rescue.
  13. As with most, if not all bunkers along the Atlantic Wall, the bunker featured an escape shaft . To escape, the occupants of the bunker would first have to remove a metal door, revealing two rows of steel bars.
  14. The decision was also made to open both Haw Par Villa stations ( previously Thomson and West Coast ), as a normal stations leaving the Bukit Brown MRT Station closed, and there is only a middle track and emergency escape shaft.
  15. As the only structures nearby are the former cemeteries in Singapore Bukit Brown Cemetery and the Omar Salmah Mosque, it is just a reserved station meant for future use, and there is an emergency escape shaft for Circle Line Stage 4 & 5.
  16. The principal works were two 5-mile single-bore tunnels ( including eight escape shafts ) and underground stations at and Electrification of the Great Western Main Line ( GWML ) between Paddington and Airport Junction, where the new line diverged from the GWML, was also required.
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