escape into in a sentence

"escape into" in Chinese  
  1. Then he built a tree house to escape into a private world.
  2. The surviving gunmen escaped into an adjacent Arab neighborhood, Israel radio said.
  3. Marie escaped into a forest and hid out on a small sailboat.
  4. It is not known how much oil escaped into major local rivers.
  5. An Israeli army officer said three gunmen escaped into a nearby village.
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  7. Several Cheyenne escaped into the woods and were presumed to have died.
  8. Police are searching for the attackers, who escaped into the surrounding mountains.
  9. The guerrillas released their captives a day later, escaping into mountainous jungle.
  10. It was not immediately clear how many soldiers escaped into the jungle.
  11. The killer escaped into the night and has never been identified.
  12. The attacker escaped into the narrow alleys of the Old City.
  13. Some managed to escape into a nearby home and took the family hostage.
  14. Arab men and women of this century escaped into the word,
  15. Every once in a while, one will escape into the stream.
  16. They escaped into the harbours without there being a naval engagement.
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