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  1. ERD Commander later became a Microsoft property with its acquisition of Winternals on 17 July 2006.
  2. :I use ERD Commander, a bootable CD that has a " locksmith " feature to reset your password.
  3. Microsoft DaRT is a successor of ERD Commander, which was part of the " Winternals Administrator Pack " from Winternals.
  4. A settlement was eventually reached, and Winternals created a three-year agreement in place with Best Buy, allowing Geek Squad employees to lawfully use their licensed programs, including the ERD Commander.
  5. I want this tool to boot things like AVG's rescue CD, ERD Commander, Acronis TrueImage's boot CD, and any other tools I pick up along the way and have them all contained conveniently in one unit.
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  7. The term came to be used for any CD containing operating system and software which could be run without installation on the host computer; example include OpenSolaris, BeleniX and others based on Windows PE, and Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset ( DaRT ), previously known as Emergency Repair Disk Commander ( ERD Commander ).
  8. If you have files you want to save, but can't get it back to running condition ( meaning you have to format-reinstall Windows ) try ERD Commander, or one of the Bart PE LiveCD disks-( UBCD for Windows I think )-or even a Knoppix or Ubuntu disk if your comfortable with Linux.
  9. Previously available for download was the "'Winternals Administrator Pak "'which contained ERD Commander 2005, Remote Recover 3.0, NTFSDOS Professional 5.0, Crash Analyzer Wizard, FileRestore 1.0, Filemon Enterprise Edition 2.0, Regmon Enterprise Edition 2.0, AD Explorer Insight for Active Directory 2.0, and TCP Tools.

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