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  1. Some scholars of the Arabian horse once theorized that the Arabian came from a separate subspecies of horse, known as " equus caballus pumpelli ".
  2. The ones I suggested deleting do appear in the literature as " Equus foo ", but I was unable to find any sources that had them as " Equus caballus foo ".
  3. Some authors have described the quagga as a kind of wild horse rather than a zebra, and one craniometric study from 1980 seemed to confirm its affiliation with the horse ( " Equus caballus " ).
  4. Mills, who began collecting dead mule references when he was a graduate student at Harvard in 1964, unearthed more than 200 examples of Equus caballus x asinus ( defunctus ), as he refers to them, in Southern literature.
  5. Likewise, " Equ c1 " ( " Equus caballus " allergen 1 ) is the protein product of a horse " Mup " gene that is found in the liver, sublingual and submaxillary salivary glands.
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  7. Taxonomists who consider the domestic horse a subspecies of the wild tarpan should use " Equus ferus caballus "; the name " Equus caballus " remains available for the domestic horse where it is considered to be a separate species.
  8. It's possible the " Equus caballus foo " forms exist in sources that aren't available on the internet, but that is of course difficult to verify . talk ) 19 : 36, 11 August 2015 ( UTC)
  9. At MSW, synonyms are listed merely as " foo ", with no indication whether they appear in the literature as " Equus foo ", or " Equus caballus foo ", or in both forms ( or even other permutations such as " Equus ferus foo " ).
  10. The combination of black and pangar?was dismissed as the cause of brown in 2001, when a French research team published " Mutations in the agouti ( ASIP ), the extension ( MC1R ), and the brown ( TYRP1 ) loci and their association to coat color phenotypes in horses ( Equus caballus ) ".
  11. Although " Equus " bones of uncertain species are found in some Late Neolithic sites in China dated before 2000 BCE, " Equus caballus " or " Equus ferus " bones first appeared in multiple sites and in significant numbers in sites of the Siba cultures, 2000-1600 BCE, in Gansu and the northwestern provinces of China.

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