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  1. Yet this seeming Gingrich-Clinton equivalence masks a big difference.
  2. But Annan's gift of moral equivalence to Saddam was.
  3. It is this kind of moral equivalence that infuriates some Jews.
  4. The triumph of a false equivalence does not make it true.
  5. This equivalence is one of the starting points of scheme theory.
  6. It's difficult to find equivalence in a sentence.
  7. Sceptics of fiscal policy also make the argument of Ricardian equivalence.
  8. Homotopy does lead to a relation on spaces : homotopy equivalence.
  9. Notice that substitution is defined uniquely up to ?-equivalence.
  10. In 1905 Albert Einstein formulated the idea of mass energy equivalence.
  11. This equivalence relation is a semigroup congruence, as defined above.
  12. In this case the specific tests for equivalence should be applied.
  13. The situation can be confusing because the accepted equivalences have changed.
  14. Minsky goes on to demonstrate Turing equivalence of a counter machine.
  15. Of these criteria, " equivalence " is the most controversial.
  16. See mass energy equivalence for a discussion of definitions of mass.
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