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  1. We didn't quite have the equipment for classical ballet.
  2. All the kitchen and bathroom equipment may have to be replaced.
  3. We all ranted and raved about having to buy that equipment,
  4. They appropriated $ 2 million to help the counties buy equipment.
  5. Manitoba offers favorable lending terms for capital equipment and software development.
  6. It's difficult to find equipment in a sentence.
  7. It took up to 15 people to install the rented equipment.
  8. They passed on them, and the high school band equipment.
  9. Used equipment is not bad equipment, we like to say,
  10. Used equipment is not bad equipment, we like to say,
  11. Medical equipment today is far more portable and easy to use.
  12. If we have better equipment, we reach a better diagnosis,
  13. The kitchen juxtaposes modern equipment with an old-fashioned design.
  14. And sales of golf equipment are staggeringly high compared to tennis.
  15. The counterfeiters are using inexpensive computer equipment that is readily available.
  16. Small staffs and a lack of essential equipment are other problems.
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