environmental in a sentence

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  1. Groundbreaking awaits a final environmental study by the Corps of Engineers.
  2. "There's the wider environmental aspect of it.
  3. "We'll negotiate with the Environmental Protection Agency.
  4. The prospects for Environmental Group Products International would be almost limitless.
  5. Carroll's environmental counsel, Carlisle Roberts, said Wednesday.
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  7. Commonly used methods to produce harder surfaces have raised environmental concerns.
  8. She advocates deep defense cuts, environmental protection and abortion rights.
  9. Environmental organizations have lobbied for years to change the mining law.
  10. But the environmental agency has reversed itself under the Clinton administration.
  11. It was the Republicans who prevented passage of significant environmental legislation,
  12. We want to make sure environmental laws take costs into account.
  13. America's environmental movement has received some bad publicity lately.
  14. It is public health professionals, environmental consultants and community activists.
  15. His hope is to build environmental consciousness at the community level.
  16. Some people believed there was less need to support environmental causes.
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