environmental action in a sentence

  1. Participants also said Gore distanced himself from some of Clinton's environmental actions.
  2. The Environmental Center is the student nexus for environmental action on campus.
  3. The National Environmental Action Plan is intended to be implemented in three phases.
  4. Some farmers say certain government environmental actions border on the ridiculous.
  5. The funding was provided by South West Scotland Environmental Action Trust.
  6. It's difficult to find environmental action in a sentence.
  7. Peggy Shepard, the executive director of West Harlem Environmental Action, assailed the proposal.
  8. The delay is the latest twist in a series of environmental actions by the administration.
  9. Proposal for a World Conservation Corps, or Service, as an outlet for public environmental action.
  10. Camp was involved in a variety of environmental actions.
  11. *All of the links relate directly to environmental action groups or taskforces in South Africa.
  12. Proposals in this area have discussed the issue of how collective environmental action is possible.
  13. Toyota implemented its fifth Environmental Action Plan in 2005.
  14. Some environmental action is taking place such as the construction of a renewable energy industry.
  15. In the 1990s, Oak Ridges experienced moderate growth, which spurred environmental action by numerous organizations.
  16. In 1999, he ranked 44 percent in his voting record by the Louisiana Environmental Action Network.
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