environmental acoustics in a sentence

  1. It is possible for symptoms to surface only in situations where the environmental acoustics are poor, such as outdoors.
  2. Environmental acoustics is concerned with noise and vibration caused by railways, road traffic, aircraft, industrial equipment and recreational activities.
  3. Salford acoustics has also taught masters in acoustic engineering and audio for many decades, currently offering an MSc in Audio Acoustics and an MSc in Environmental Acoustics.
  4. Commanded by Capt . Paul L . Sinski, Master, the ship sailed to the Mediterranean and operated out of Naples conducting environmental acoustics tests for the 6th Fleet.
  5. He firstly proposed the concept of Environmental Physics in China, and claimed it as emerging disciplines, including Environmental Acoustics, Environmental Electromagnetic, Thermal Environment, Environmental Optics and Environmental Aerodynamics.
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  7. This appointment was extended for four years, until 1981, was carried out at the group of Electroacoustic and Environmental Acoustics Institute of Acoustics " OMCorbino ", CNR, Rome, directed by prof.
  8. Additionally, he held the Distinguished Chair of Environmental Acoustics, was a Research Associate at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Chairman of Membership of the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering, served on the University & College Accreditation Board, and was President of the Fort Trumbull Federal Credit Union.
  9. But in 1973, after  An Evening with the Two Charlies, a programme of pieces by Morrow and Charles Ives presented at Lincoln Center, he turned away from the concert hall, preferring to work in public spaces, parks, harbours and city streets .  I became more interested in working with environmental acoustics rather than the blank canvas of the concert hall, where you remove all other sound in order to create your own,  Morrow has explained.

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