environmental accounts in a sentence

  1. Environmental Accounts are  satellite accounts to the main National Accounts.
  2. The Government has pledged to develop full UK Environmental Accounts by 2020.
  3. European statistical offices and Eurostat are following a European Strategy for Environmental Accounts.
  4. Starting in 1998, the NBS developed rudimentary environmental accounts in forestry and energy.
  5. Several Australian organizations produce national environmental accounts.
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  7. The funds are managed under NFWF s Impact-Directed Environmental Account ( IDEA ) program.
  8. Includes chapter 13; Environmental Accounts.
  9. The relationships between the economy and environment are explored in detail in the UK Environmental Accounts.
  10. As part of the strategy, a legal base was proposed for the collection of data on Environmental Accounts.
  11. The E-10 are the official economic-environmental accounts produced by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment.
  12. The Office also set out a series of goals to include land use and cover accounts in the 2013 Environmental Accounts.
  13. Eurostat is also constructing environmental accounts expressed in physical and monetary terms, and asset accounts, as a step towards developing a regional SEEA.
  14. The Korea Rural Economic Institute calculated the Green GDP of the Korean agricultural sector in the period 1980 to 1997 using pilot economic-environmental accounts.
  15. The UK produces Environmental Accounts, consistent with the SEEA framework, that are separated into three dimensions : natural resource accounts, physical flows and monetary accounts.
  16. Since then, the NBS has expanded its environmental accounts to include pollution treatment, water, and minerals, along with the development of a comprehensive SEEA for China.
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