environmental accident in a sentence

  1. Even when laws are enforced, there is the risk of environmental accidents.
  2. The big fear is that genetic engineering might lead to some kind of genetic or environmental accident.
  3. A company owning an industrial facility, for instance, may buy pollution insurance to cover lawsuits resulting from environmental accidents.
  4. My line will be that George Bush is the worst environmental accident to happen since the nuclear meltdown in Chernobyl,
  5. Insurers, too, are insisting that companies prove that they are running clean shops before they issue policies covering environmental accidents.
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  7. "It's got stuck on rocks, and if the hull gets punctured the oil will spill out, causing a bad environmental accident,"
  8. The nine countries around the Baltic Sea decided Monday on several measures aimed at preventing future environmental accidents involving ships in busy waterways.
  9. The government's charity is also apparent whenever a company faces exposure for anything from a terrible environmental accident to lawsuits over a product.
  10. The facility has treated victims of local industrial environmental accidents such as the General Chemical Company and PBE Polymers explosions or Chevron Richmond Refinery spills.
  11.  Making Better Use of Environmental Accident, Incident, and Inspection Information,  " ECOStates, " ( DC : Environmental Council of States ) Spring 2007.
  12. Government officials from the nine countries around the Baltic Sea met Monday to discuss how to prevent future environmental accidents involving ships in busy waterways.
  13. EU Environment Commissioner Margot Wallstroem called the spill a " major environmental accident, and to the people living by the rivers, this is a catastrophe ."
  14. Cambior Inc . shares Monday plunged after the Montreal-based gold producer said there had been an environmental accident at its Omai gold mine in Guyana, South America.
  15. ""'La Nuit des Traqu閑s " "'( English title : " The Night of the Hunted " ) is a 1980 film directed by Jean Rollin, about people who have lost their memories in an environmental accident and are confined in a hospital.
  16. On 25 April 1998, the tailings dam at Apirsa s Los Frailes mine burst and 4.5 million cubic metres of tailings sand drained out into the nearby Guadiamar river, near Do馻na National Park, causing the worst environmental accident in Spain so far.
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