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  1. Some corps members'commitment to the environment borders on spiritual.
  2. That has served them very well in this rising rate environment.
  3. There is a fear of the unknown in the digital environment.
  4. But nothing is certain in this super-heated broadcast environment.
  5. It will be a safe, gated, secure family environment.
  6. It's difficult to find environment in a sentence.
  7. We have only begun to understand this ancestor and its environment,
  8. Seldom has the environment of a prison movie seemed this imprisoning.
  9. It's a much more volatile environment we work in.
  10. It will take more than 8 percent to change the environment,
  11. The thing I was most concerned about was a safe environment.
  12. She also has responsible views on the environment and fiscal issues.
  13. Something is going on that has to do with the environment,
  14. No banking system can long survive in that kind of environment.
  15. Greenhouses are the most, not the least, controlled environments.
  16. "The workplace is not a child's environment.
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