environment trust in a sentence

  1. He was then appointed a managing trustee of the Kenya National Environment Trust Fund.
  2. Philip Clapp, of the pro-Kyoto National Environment Trust, told The Associated Press.
  3. "The proposal should be dead on arrival, " said Philip Clapp, president of the National Environment Trust.
  4. He is a committee member of various organisations such as the Alliance Francaise, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Seychelles Environment Trust Fund.
  5. From 1995, in partnership with The Environment Trust and London Borough of Tower Hamlets, ELBA was involved in the creation of Mile End Park.
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  7. Futehally founded the Bangalore Environment Trust along with Satish Dhawan, Venkatraman Radhakrishnan ( Sir C . V . Raman's son ) and others in 1987.
  8. Philip Clapp, of the pro-Kyoto National Environment Trust, said : " I can't justify sending staff to an Islamic country now ."
  9. In 1986, British Rail, the Southwark Environment Trust and the London Borough of Southwark contributed ?0, 000 to restoring the station frontage and installing two commemorative plaques.
  10. The Environment Trust helped to establish Fair Finance, a community development finance institution, which offered a range of financial packages to disadvantaged community members in the East End of London.
  11. Alongside his role as trustee for a local mental health charity and the North Southwark Environment Trust, he is also a national policy and campaigns advisor on social care and tackling poverty.
  12. The Baths eventually became derelict and a bid to reopen the baths was put together by The Environment Trust, Swan Housing Group and the'Poplar Baths Steering Group'receiving strong local support.
  13. On the first anniversary of Peter Cullen's death, Senator Penny Wong ( as Minister for Climate Change and Water ) announced $ 1 million to establish a Peter Cullen Water and Environment Trust, stating
  14. Over the years various wildlife projects on the nature reserve have been funded by bodies such as The Environment Trust, the Heritage Lottery Fund, Northumbrian Water, and Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council.
  15. "This test does not prove that StarLink corn is safe for human consumption, " said Matt Rand, campaign manager for biotech at the National Environment Trust, a lobbying group that opposes bioengineered foods.
  16. "This is likely to have been the European nations'best opportunity to achieve a strong climate treaty, and they decided to pass it up, " said the National Environment Trust, a U . S .-based lobby.
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