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  1. Entropik have collaborated with fellow independent artists, Ancient Astronauts on both of their albums, We Are to Answer ( 2009 ) and Into Bass and Time ( 2011 ).
  2. "' Entropik "'are a multi-genre duo from Leeds, UK whose cinematic music is distinguished by their use of cello and their fusion of Classical, Electronica and World elements.
  3. Entropik's film and media music is more diverse, ranging from the aforementioned Electronica and New Age styles to conventional film music styles influenced by composers such as John Williams, Howard Shore and Hans Zimmer.
  4. Entropik's latest release, Cellotronics was released as an 8 track EP in August 2009 . It is the 2nd album from the duo and shows a greater focus on the direction of their sound and musical ideals.
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