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  1. Robert Smithson embraced entropy as the underlying principle of his art.
  2. That arrangement posed challenges in a city celebrated for civic entropy.
  3. 1980, " Entropy : a New World View"
  4. It all feels like a Jacques Tati comedy afflicted by entropy.
  5. However, the entropy change of the surroundings will be different.
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  7. A basic property of this form of conditional entropy is that:
  8. that is, the limit of the joint entropy per symbol.
  9. The Shannon entropy is restricted to random variables taking discrete values.
  10. Entropy is a measure of how much this process has progressed.
  11. The entropy determined relative to this point is the absolute entropy.
  12. The entropy determined relative to this point is the absolute entropy.
  13. There is a scientific law that has to do with entropy.
  14. The reseed mechanism connects the entropy accumulator to the generating mechanism.
  15. The reversible case is used to introduce the state function entropy.
  16. Changes in entropy are associated with phase transitions and chemical reactions.
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