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  1. Thus in some case greater positional order will be entropically favorable.
  2. These reactions are usually entropically driven, as opposed to thermodynamically driven.
  3. Thus, any event that would minimize such a surface is entropically favored.
  4. Viscoelastic properties in fluids cause them to snap back to entropically favorable conformations.
  5. Entropically favorable changes in protein dynamics have also been implicated in cAMP mediated EPAC activation.
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  7. [4 + 4 ] reactions are forbidden in the ground state and often entropically disfavored in the excited state.
  8. Cross metathesis and Ring-closing metathesis are often driven by the entropically favored evolution of ethylene or propylene, which are both gases.
  9. This process needs to be carried out at less than 200 癈; above that temperature, the entropically favored lactide monomer is generated.
  10. As a result, the majority of SMPs will form compact, random coils because this conformation is entropically favored over a stretched conformation.
  11. At higher temperatures, the entropically favored species, the water hydrogen bonded to the " N "-terminus, was preferred.
  12. A room in which the top 70 % is nitrogen gas and the bottom 30 % is oxygen is very ordered and thus entropically undesirable.
  13. The Dying Earth subgenre of science fiction is named in recognition of Vance's role in standardizing a setting, the entropically dying earth and sun.
  14. At the other extreme, glycine also tends to disrupt helices because its high conformational flexibility makes it entropically expensive to adopt the relatively constrained ?-helical structure.
  15. Since there are many entropically viable forms of the molecule, it does not denature easily, and has been shown to be resistant to boiling and strong acids.
  16. Note that in practice entropically-secure encryption algorithms are only " secure " provided that the message distribution possesses high entropy from any reasonable adversary's perspective.
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