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  1. It may have been an agricultural community or commercial entrepot.
  2. They have historically been highly concentrated trade and entrepot centres.
  3. Strabo refers to this city as an important entrepot of the Lesser Syrtis.
  4. The Hokkiens make their living through entrepot trade or in the banking industry.
  5. Entrepot mission statement was to bring new products to the market and expand.
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  7. Also, " entrepot " seems to have been wikilinked a number of times.
  8. Darvin attended St Aloysius RC Boys School and then Entrepot Secondary School in Castries.
  9. Along with Bandar Abbas, Chabahar is the Iranian entrepot on the North-South corridor.
  10. Entrepot de l'Armee de l'Air 601 was assigned to perform this mission.
  11. The Kingdom of Tondo was also an entrepot for the distribution of Chinese goods across the archipelago.
  12. Entrepot takes the designs from engineers and architects and convert them into plans needed for construction projects.
  13. When Hong Kong becomes part of China, we no longer will be acting as just an entrepot,
  14. The region has freeway and rail access to Los Angeles and Long Beach, a foreign trade entrepot.
  15. The 10 were caught at a mango orchard that serves as a produce exchange entrepot in Ratchaburi province.
  16. The former British colony Hong Kong was once a thriving entrepot for British companies doing business in China.
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