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  1. Investors deposit money and the company enters into partnerships with entrepeneurs.
  2. There may be some entrepeneurs out there who would look at this.
  3. But they are not entrepeneurs and never will be.
  4. Still, the departure of union members and influx of entrepeneurs is making the region more Republican.
  5. Our guide, the 29-year-old Nikulasdottir, is one in this expanding group of entrepeneurs.
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  7. Josiah Wedgewood was one of the English entrepeneurs who held expansive displays in his private home or in rented premises
  8. Built into the microbank concept is that, as the market demands, these small entrepeneurs can increase their operations.
  9. The merger also joins together two of the media world's scrappiest entrepeneurs and deal-makers, Redstone and Karmazin.
  10. If some dot-com entrepeneurs are short on old-fashioned consistency, one thing they don't lack for is chutzpah.
  11. The company, called Shopping TV, is 74 percent owned by the British World Shopping Network and 26 percent by two Hungarian entrepeneurs.
  12. The eighteenth century English entrepeneurs, Josiah Wedgewood and Matthew Boulton, both staged expansive showcases of their wares in their private residences or in rented halls.
  13. Once secretly brewed by tax-dodging farmers, mezcal now is being sold by Mexican moonshiners-turned-entrepeneurs as an upscale drink to 18 countries.
  14. While hockey is a New World for entertainment entrepeneurs and apparel and equipment marketers, Bettman has to make sure the natives aren't killed off right away.
  15. Entrepeneurs, if government does not interfere, will likely be able to overcome the potential drawbacks to privacy of advances such as electronic payment transactions, he said.
  16. Ferradaz, the president of Cuba's parliament Ricardo Alarcon and other Cuban officials were to discuss opportunities with American entrepeneurs during a four-day conference beginning Thursday.
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