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  1. Some months later also the buildings were sold to a unknown entrepeneur.
  2. The updated references list 10 third party sources including USA Today and Entrepeneur Magazine.
  3. Founded in 2015 by German entrepeneur Stephan Schambach, it is headquartered in Boston, USA.
  4. In 1997, Southwick received Young Entrepeneur of the Year and did represent Australian Small Business at Apec.
  5. TWo print media articles that I have found-one in Entrepeneur and the other a SF article.
  6. It's difficult to find entrepeneur in a sentence.
  7. Dowd, noted Seattle'60s activist turned movie business entrepeneur, become a producer's rep in Hollywood.
  8. It looks to me like it's a publication, and that Entrepeneur magazine picked up the article somehow.
  9. The horse didn't respond immediately and, although he appeared the fastest finisher, couldn't catch Entrepeneur.
  10. An ancestor of mine, John Henry Raap, was an entrepeneur and businessman in Chicago in the late 19th century.
  11. "King Tiger " ( claims to be a famous rapper, rum entrepeneur and record label owner ) is back.
  12. I will stand up for the mom-and-pop store, the high-tech company, the aspiring female entrepeneur,
  13. "It is not a final solution, " said Oliver B ., an entrepeneur here, in a recent interview.
  14. A distinctively different kind of media entrepeneur has entered the media business not for business reasons alone but also for intellectual and Islamic reasons.
  15. Present at the launch were Entrepeneur Development Deputy Minister DatukIdris Jusoh, Supercab Sdn Bhd managing director Thavaratnam S . Kumarasamyand Uptown Ace director Yong Kok Yee.
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