entrenchments in a sentence

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  1. Given the entrenchment of both sides, position changes seem unlikely.
  2. Police were seen surrounding a KLA entrenchment just outside the village.
  3. He distinguished himself by capturing a French entrenchment at Kennington Cove.
  4. Entrenchments were built to defend the city but the Republican Party.
  5. On 11 May, the entrenchment was brought to an end.
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  7. An entrenchment with two redans was built around it in 1761.
  8. There are entrenchments all over where people buried down to protect themselves.
  9. It has as its primary purpose entrenchment of the current ITT board,
  10. Gates kept the bulk of his force within his entrenchments.
  11. Their entrenchment has been especially and gratuitously provocative since the Oslo Accords.
  12. What you have now is the entrenchment phase of gridlock.
  13. Even as the Russians left, Chechen units were digging new entrenchments.
  14. The presence or lack of entrenchment is a fundamental feature of constitutions.
  15. The Union soldiers were also busy building their own entrenchments.
  16. They were able to reach the entrenchments and attempted to scale them.
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