entrenching in a sentence

"entrenching" in Chinese  
  1. Priority for the government is security and entrenching themselves in power.
  2. It also suggests that the virus is entrenching itself in nature.
  3. It also is entrenching and enriching itself through lucrative business deals.
  4. Autocratic leaders are entrenching their rule in Belarus and Central Asia.
  5. Sherman's army tested the Rebel line while entrenching themselves.
  6. It's difficult to find entrenching in a sentence.
  7. The invaders imposed a new constitution on Geneva entrenching the aristocracy.
  8. DEAR PIC : Put down that entrenching tool before you hurt somebody.
  9. Police outposts are all but vacated, with guerrillas entrenching themselves inside.
  10. News _ entrenching its position as THE spot in town.
  11. No waterproofs, water bottle or entrenching tool were issued.
  12. Further legislation would follow, entrenching and deepening the institution of slavery.
  13. Others were environmental and social disasters, uprooting communities and entrenching corrupt politicians.
  14. The political combatants are entrenching along familiar ideological terrain.
  15. The entrenching tool weighs and fully extended is long.
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