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  1. That upsets some people, particularly entrenched managements and their advisers.
  2. So : Can Dooley roll back a rollover practice so entrenched?
  3. The idea faces ferocious opposition, especially from entrenched highway interests.
  4. Still, both sides appeared firmly entrenched in their negotiating positions.
  5. No story about entrenched and countervailing coalitions would have predicted that.
  6. It's difficult to find entrenched in a sentence.
  7. I want the well-entrenched American denial system to change.
  8. They enlighten readers and knock off balance those with entrenched opinions.
  9. And nothing is as entrenched as the college basketball coaching fraternity.
  10. But that entrenched 90 percent is ceding power only by millimeters.
  11. But it seems like a huge bureaucracy that is very entrenched.
  12. There are extremely entrenched arguments on both sides of the fence.
  13. The problem is that Netscape is deeply entrenched in the market.
  14. Their elan in everyday situations is entrenched in our collective consciousness.
  15. Politicians are also hampered by the entrenched nature of the system.
  16. This is a real revolution because they are powerfully entrenched interests.
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