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  1. These are the only textually entrenched provisions of the Constitution.
  2. The court concluded that the procedure appropriate for an amendment of an entrenched provision  a referendum  should have been followed.
  3. The third textually entrenched provision is Article One, Section 3, Clauses 1, which provides for equal representation of the states in the Senate.
  4. However, the entrenchment provision has enjoyed longstanding bipartisan support, and the electoral consequences of using a legal loophole to alter an entrenched provision would likely be severe.
  5. However, in 2005 the Privy Council struck down the change to the final appellate court as unconstitutional because the Privy Council's status is an entrenched provision in the Jamaican Constitution and as such more would be required to remove the Privy Council as the final appellate court.
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  7. Examples of entrenched provisions are numerous : England and Scotland were united " forever ", the Court of Session was to remain " in all time coming within Scotland as it is now constituted ", and the establishment of the Church of Scotland was " effectually and unalterably secured ".
  8. The Conference's other role in the federal governance of the country is to give consent to amendments of certain entrenched provisions of the federal constitution, namely those pertaining to the status of the rulers, the special privileges of the Bumiputra, the status of the Malay language as the national language, and the status of Islam as the religion of the federation.
  9. :Our article Constitution of Ghana & mdash; which appears to be a simple copy of the entire constitution with indexing, and hence needs a lot of work & mdash; appears to say in part 66 that the President of Ghana can be elected to up to 2 four-year terms; and later in the article, the space for " Amendment of the Constitution " is blank, so I checked this link, which seems to say that part 66 is not an " entrenched provision " and can therefore be amended with a 2 / 3 majority of Parliament.

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