entrenched interests in a sentence

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  1. This is a real revolution because they are powerfully entrenched interests.
  2. There was no mistaking whom McCain was calling an entrenched interest.
  3. He will work for the entrenched interests that fund his campaigns.
  4. He will work for the entrenched interests that fund his campaign.
  5. You've got a lot of entrenched interests there ."
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  7. Bond predicted that many entrenched interests would oppose the book vociferously.
  8. It is clear that Leon represented entrenched interests and not the public.
  9. A : Not to underestimate the power of entrenched interests.
  10. Russia's economic reforms have stalled in a gridlock of entrenched interests.
  11. "bureaucrats " or anyone he can portray as an entrenched interest.
  12. Old habits dies as hard as entrenched interests.
  13. There is less because Bush has been pretty meek in taking on entrenched interests.
  14. But old habits and entrenched interests die hard.
  15. Entrenched interests have resisted privatization of state enterprises, which are often heavily subsidized.
  16. He wrote that twenty years of pandering to entrenched interests had dampened productive investment.
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