entrenched in in a sentence

"entrenched in" in Chinese  
  1. Still, both sides appeared firmly entrenched in their negotiating positions.
  2. The problem is that Netscape is deeply entrenched in the market.
  3. Their elan in everyday situations is entrenched in our collective consciousness.
  4. But for now, he's entrenched in the rotation.
  5. People talk past each other, entrenched in their opposing worlds.
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  7. Our kids are entrenched in schools and sports and everything else.
  8. People are entrenched in the spirit and enthusiasm of Allen Fieldhouse.
  9. But the Red Brigades are still deeply entrenched in Italian lore.
  10. Leeds remains entrenched in the relegation zone with only 16 points.
  11. During this period, the Greens became more entrenched in parliament.
  12. Provisions may also be entrenched in the constitutions of legal bodies.
  13. By 1850, the Fulbe were firmly entrenched in northern Cameroon.
  14. Repressed Sylvia Stickles finds herself firmly entrenched in the former camp.
  15. This belief is deeply entrenched in rural populations all over Nepal.
  16. Hundreds of replacements now are entrenched in camps across Florida and Arizona.
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