entrenched clauses in a sentence

  1. Thus, even entrenched clauses were argued to be open to amendment by the authority of Parliament.
  2. The entrenched clauses include those on the system of government that is permitted, and the presidential succession.
  3. In addition, the Supreme Court could review Parliamentary amendments of the entrenched clauses of the South Africa Act of 1909.
  4. The shield protecting the first two entrenched clauses was absolute but of limited duration; it was in force only until 1808.
  5. The Senate Act was therefore valid, and thus a joint sitting of the House of Assembly and the reconstituted Senate had the power to amend the entrenched clauses.
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  7. The government's opponents returned to the courts to have this new act also declared invalid, arguing that the Senate Act was passed as part of a deliberate scheme to circumvent the entrenched clauses.
  8. As such, it had only the powers given to it by the South Africa Act, and these did not include the power to amend the entrenched clauses without a two-thirds majority in a joint sitting.
  9. On 29 August the Cape Provincial Division ruled that the act had the effect of altering the entrenched clauses, and that as it had not been passed by a two-thirds majority in joint session it was invalid.
  10. This power, so the argument went, had been granted to a Parliament consisting of two separate houses acting with simple majorities, and this power could be exercised to amend the entrenched clauses without regard to the supermajority requirement.
  11. The entrenched clauses of a constitution can create different degrees of entrenchment, ranging from simply excluding constitutional amendment from the normal business of a legislature, to making certain amendments either more difficult than normal modifications, or forbidden under any circumstances.
  12. The government then argued that the entrenched clauses in the South Africa Act had been Statute of Westminster, and that the precedent of the " Ndlwana " case precluded the courts from questioning the validity of an act of Parliament.
  13. No bill amending the entrenched clauses of the constitution or affecting the powers of the regional bodies or the privileges of the chiefs could become law except by a two-thirds vote of the National Assembly and by simple majority approval in two-thirds of the regional assemblies.
  14. The court ruled that the existence of the entrenched clauses in the South Africa Act necessarily implied that those protected by the clauses had the right to have any law affecting them tested for validity by a court ( " " ubi jus ibi remedium " " ).

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