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  1. In other words, Rigid Constitution is a constitution which has an entrenched clause.
  2. Another important historical instance of entrenched clause in a constitution was enshrined in the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany of 1949, in reaction to development of 1919 1945.
  3. The shield protecting the third entrenched clause, though less absolute than that covering the others, is practically permanent; it will be in force until there is unanimous agreement among the states favoring a change.
  4. Also, if anyone could help with the questions on Talk : Twenty-seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution, Talk : Gregory Watson or Talk : Entrenched clause I'd be most grateful!
  5. An entrenched clause whose intent is to " prevent " subsequent amendments, will, once it is adopted, and provided that it is correctly drafted, make some portion of a basic law or constitution irrevocable except through the assertion of the right of revolution.
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  7. The four dissenting votes were argued on the basis of the principle of presumption of innocence, provided for in section 57 of Article 5 ( an entrenched clause ) of the Constitution of Brazil, which says that no one shall be considered guilty until a final and unappealable penal sentence.
  8. This act declared the original Separate Representation of Voters Act to be valid, and repealed the parts of section 35 of the South Africa Act entrenching the Cape franchise as well as the parts of section 152 entrenching section 35 . ( There remained one unrelated entrenched clause guaranteeing the equality of the English and Afrikaans languages .)
  9. Any amendment to a basic law or constitution which would not satisfy the prerequisites enshrined in a valid entrenched clause would lead to so-called " unconstitutional constitutional law ", i . e . an amendment to constitutional law text which would appear to be constitutional law only by its form, albeit being unconstitutional as with respect to the procedure in which it has been enacted, or as to the material content of its provisions.

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