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  1. Another log cabin between Entiat and Winesap also had roof damage.
  2. Fern Lake is located at the headwaters of the North Fork Entiat.
  3. The highest peak of the Entiat Mountains is Mount Fernow, at.
  4. The reservoir impounded by the dam is Lake Entiat.
  5. The fire was jumping the Entiat River as Grant Roundy leaped into his car.
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  7. The reservoir's name is Lake Entiat.
  8. The flames moved lazily as they crested Entiat Ridge and crept down through heavy timber.
  9. The northern end the Entiat Range merges with the northern end of the Chelan Mountains.
  10. The northern end the Chelan Range merges with the northern end of the Entiat Mountains.
  11. It is in the Glacier Peak Wilderness, at the headwaters of the Entiat River.
  12. Grant Roundy's father arrived in the Entiat Valley in a covered wagon in 1902.
  13. The Entiat fire was one of the fastest moving in the history of the Washington Cascades.
  14. Says Barry Marsh, the Forest Service's chief road engineer in the Entiat ranger district.
  15. There are a number of glaciers on Seven Fingered Jack and its neighbors, including Entiat Glacier.
  16. The Chelan Mountains stretch south to the Columbia River between the Entiat River and the Chelan River.
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