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  1. In common cases, Socrates used enthymemes as the foundation of his argument.
  2. Maxims, Aristotle thought to be a derivative of enthymemes . ( " Rhetoric"
  3. In the Art of Rhetoric, Aristotle argues that some enthymemes are derived from syllogisms that are based on signs ( " semeia " ) instead of absolute facts.
  4. Book II ends with a transition to Book III . The transition concludes the discussion of pathos, ethos, paradigms, enthymemes, and maxims so that Book III may focus on delivery, style, and arrangement.
  5. Amplification and deprecation, although not elements of an enthymeme, can contribute to refuting an opponent s enthymeme or revealing a falsehood by exposing it as just or unjust, good or evil, etc . Aristotle also mentions the koina, fallacious enthymemes, and lysis ( the refutation of an opponent s enthymeme ).
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