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  1. But enthusiasts insist that the future is just around the corner.
  2. Marijuana enthusiasts think Abrams has run up against a government conspiracy.
  3. For wildflower enthusiasts : The New England Wildflower Society's publication
  4. Among the new enthusiasts, 70 percent would make the switch.
  5. Still, that's not what made me an enthusiast.
  6. It's difficult to find enthusiast in a sentence.
  7. To computer enthusiasts, they've become known as closetware.
  8. Gun enthusiasts like nothing better than a spot of target practice.
  9. Exon's bill got some support from one computer enthusiast.
  10. Some renters last week seemed to typify the young watercraft enthusiast.
  11. New treats are in store for home banking enthusiasts this month.
  12. Another address for rowing enthusiasts is rec . sport . rowing.
  13. In 1999, the hardened enthusiasts will be back in India.
  14. Still, despite the recent downturn, there are chip enthusiasts.
  15. Winter hiking is not about to consume the mainstream outdoor enthusiast.
  16. The advantages of sewing haven't changed, enthusiasts say.
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