enthusiasm in a sentence

"enthusiasm" meaning  "enthusiasm" in Chinese  
  1. Both artists were effusive in their enthusiasm for the Nelson site.
  2. It was their overzealous enthusiasm for attack that actually cost Spain.
  3. But enthusiasm for private child-support companies is hardly unanimous.
  4. As always, his speech was full of enthusiasm and optimism.
  5. But I think the enthusiasm may go a step too far.
  6. It's difficult to find enthusiasm in a sentence.
  7. But Ragucci's enthusiasm is not shared across the harbor.
  8. Enthusiasm and energy drive programs to reach out into the community.
  9. Ms . Golden has a somewhat surprising explanantion for her enthusiasm.
  10. Dosier's enthusiasm is the norm, not the exception.
  11. White's biography was greeted with great enthusiasm in France.
  12. But the overall picture was one of incredible excitement and enthusiasm.
  13. Earlier, few people would have shared Farwell's enthusiasm.
  14. UCLA's enthusiasm was apparent early in the second half.
  15. Has your child shown enthusiasm for or interest in overnight camp?
  16. We have to explain this to them without dampening their enthusiasm.
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