enthroned virgin and child in a sentence

  1. The " "'Enthroned Virgin and Child " "'is a statuette in elephant ivory dated to between 1290 1300, now at The Cloisters in New York.
  2. On the wall to the left of the entrance are two 16th-century frescoes depicting a " Crucifixion " and an " Enthroned Virgin and Child with Saints Roch and Ambrosius ".
  3. This development paralleled the movement towards a more " realistic " depiction of the " heavenly court " seen in the increasingly popular subjects of the Maest?( the enthroned Virgin and Child ) and the Coronation of the Virgin by Christ.
  4. The Trotti chapel had an altarpiece of the " Enthroned Virgin and Child with Saints John the Baptist, Bonaventure, and Jerome " by Garofolo, flanked by two old panels with " San Fiorentino, Sant'Antonino Martiri ", and a third with " St Bernardino " by Cosimo Tura.
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