enthrone in a sentence

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  1. Enthroned at the heart of this poster is a yellow can.
  2. After passing certain tests, he was duly enthroned at Tsurphu.
  3. The patriarch, who was 55, was enthroned in 1997.
  4. Petros, 55, was enthroned in his post in 1997.
  5. The young Shunzhi Emperor was then enthroned in the Forbidden City.
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  7. In 1526 the Habsburgs were enthroned as the kings of Bohemia.
  8. The text implies that Enoch had previously been enthroned in heaven.
  9. Despite some apparent reluctance, he was enthroned on 31 January.
  10. Neither candidate resides, nor has been enthroned, at Rumtek.
  11. He was enthroned on 22 November 2005, despite Israeli objection.
  12. He succeeded his father and was enthroned as the Xianfeng Emperor.
  13. He was enthroned at York Minster sometime around Christmas of 1258.
  14. He was enthroned at the aforesaid Bishopric on 4th December 2000.
  15. He was consecrated and enthroned as bishop on 23 April 2010.
  16. He enthroned her as empress and Chen Yin as crown prince.
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