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  1. We have an enthrallment with technology as a society.
  2. In her radically unsentimental version, romantic enthrallment is synonymous with serious psychological imbalance.
  3. Several times I found myself resenting the show's enthrallment with its own bigness.
  4. Most likely it's all these things, but there are other enthrallments as well.
  5. Mortals who have danced with the fairies are rarely safe after being saved from their enthrallment.
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  7. But as " Chunhyang " goes on, admiration gives way to something like enthrallment.
  8. How you tell the tale can make the difference between the listeners'restless indifference and total enthrallment.
  9. But for most very active investors, enthrallment with the stock market doesn't necessarily evolve into an obsession.
  10. The exhibit captures his enthrallment with zero through nine in all manner of media, transforming everyday symbols into art.
  11. Fashion has embraced exoticism, ornamentation and high-voltage color as part of a continuing enthrallment with the East, India in particular.
  12. It gives a foretaste of Turner's lifelong enthrallment with the vastness of nature and elemental violence that was reflected throughout in his work.
  13. Alessandro Baricco's cult novel of erotic enthrallment, a French silk trader travels to remotest Japan in 1861, where he meets a ravishing young courtesan.
  14. If there is a shared enthrallment among the reviewers in a commonly believed hypothesis, then innovation becomes difficult because alternative hypotheses are not seriously considered, and sometimes not even permitted.
  15. Bean and Samantha Bond, as a high-bred Lady Macbeth, struggle to simulate sexual enthrallment, but it's clear the Thane's thoughts remain on the playing field.
  16. This separating forgetfulness is maha-maya, or enthrallment, spiritual death, and constitutes the fall of the jiva into the world of material birth, death, disease and old age.
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