entangle in in a sentence

"entangle in" in Chinese  
  1. The FHA is broken . . . entangled in HUD bureaucracy.
  2. But Boxer predicts the issue will become entangled in presidential politics.
  3. Unfortunately, the dolphins become entangled in the mesh and drown.
  4. Israeli politics and the peace process are entangled in the Bible.
  5. So can a leg entangled in the chain, Wall said.
  6. It's difficult to find entangle in in a sentence.
  7. At some point she became entangled in the barbed wire fence.
  8. entangled in a plot to blow up holy places in Jerusalem.
  9. Since then, Scouting has grown increasingly entangled in the controversy.
  10. In Ireland, you're much more entangled in history.
  11. Capote then finds himself entangled in a personal and professional dilemma.
  12. The rebel, Pike becomes entangled in Buffy's destiny.
  13. Flidhais and deeply entangled in the tale of T醝n B?Flidhais.
  14. I am entangled in a nascent revert war on this article.
  15. *I do not wish to be entangled in conflict either.
  16. She was also entangled in a maze of electrical conduit.
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