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  1. Rodr韌uez Vargas earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Georgetown University, in 1924 where he was an Associate Professor of Bacteriology in the Ental School.
  2. His novel " Anden Person Ental " ( 2014 ) was highly praised by the critics and was the focus of a lot of attention in the Danish press.
  3. The municipality can be subdivided into the districts of " Einsiedl, Enghagen, Enghagen am Tabor, Enns, Ental, Erlengraben, Hiesendorf, Kottingrat, Kristein, Kronau, Lorch, Moos, Rabenberg " and " Volkersdorf ".
  4. ""'FMR1 " "'( "'fragile X mental retardation 1 "') is a human gene that codes for a protein called " f ragile X m ental r etardation p rotein ", or FMRP . This protein, most commonly found in the brain, is essential for normal cognitive development and female reproductive function.
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