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  1. In practice, entailment may be checked with an incomplete method.
  2. A simple test to differentiate presupposition from entailment is negation.
  3. Discourse status is determined via the entailments of the context.
  4. What are the words for the terms in an entailment?
  5. Muggleton implemented Inverse entailment first in the PROGOL system.
  6. It's difficult to find entailment in a sentence.
  7. Most common law countries have abolished entailment by statute.
  8. In this case, presupposition remains under negation, but entailment does not.
  9. Compare this methodological strategy for conditionals with that of first-degree entailment logics.
  10. Ladusaw ( 1980 ) proposed that downward entailment is the property that licenses polarity items.
  11. Some many-valued logics may have incompatible definitions of equivalence and order ( entailment ).
  12. This distinguishes such inferences from entailment.
  13. So, I am still back at square 0, trying to understand " entailment ".
  14. His idea of indirect attribution ( 1981 ) is relevant to John Searle's " entailment.
  15. On the other hand, I don't see any nice algebraic way of describing syntactical entailment.
  16. Epistemic closure does not hold if one does not know all of the known entailments of a knowledge claim.
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