entailing in a sentence

"entailing" in Chinese  
  1. Those missions, though entailing risks, would be defined and limited.
  2. Nevertheless, the proposal is specific, entailing the following:
  3. Many games are held on the plaza entailing the province.
  4. A Muslim society should not condone relations entailing or conducive to sexual license.
  5. It is a view of the LA Basin entailing roughly 10 million people.
  6. It's difficult to find entailing in a sentence.
  7. Successive canvases were experiments entailing the addition of white colors to create tints.
  8. The company's autopsy will be a complicated affair, entailing numerous lawsuits.
  9. People claimed to have sudden visions for memorials entailing doves, angels and bells.
  10. The cabinet was more progressive, entailing increased government spending funded by higher taxes.
  11. In December, the Ba'ath Party composed a proposal entailing total union.
  12. A baptistry was also incorporated in the hall for services entailing baptism by immersion.
  13. A commemorative publication dedicated to Smith entailing a bibliography of Smith's publications.
  14. The mere hint of war and entailing anxiety can inflict a great loss upon us,
  15. More saw the loss of Christian culture as entailing intellectual as well as moral collapse.
  16. Environmental stewardship is typically thought of as entailing reducing human impacts into the natural world.
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