entailed in a sentence

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  1. Generally, prices are determined by the amount of work entailed.
  2. For some insurers, reorganization has entailed paring down costly salesforces.
  3. I didn't realize what the sport entailed for me.
  4. But many had to be told first what the decision entailed.
  5. You can read all about what is entailed in the brochures.
  6. It's difficult to find entailed in a sentence.
  7. Neither Adwan nor Khatib elaborated on what the new measures entailed.
  8. Multiple reasons entailed a GDP growth of 6 % in 2005.
  9. However, the Allies had no idea what the plan entailed.
  10. Historically, bogwera entailed rigorous endurance tests, which included circumcision.
  11. This entailed exhumation of mass graves, then incinerating the bodies.
  12. Part of this process entailed, of course, deleting articles.
  13. He married Cecily Culverwell, which entailed giving up his fellowship.
  14. The Divine benevolence entailed in these cycles was everything to Hutton.
  15. His job entailed hanging car doors on Electra 225s and LeSabres.
  16. This entailed months of blasting and a number of fatal accidents.
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