entailed estate in a sentence

  1. The area has grown up around the entailed estate of 舝up and the pertaining parish of Ivetofta.
  2. As a non-heiress to her father's posthumous son Entailed estate, Kleist chose the military profession.
  3. The earldom and entailed estates of Douglas reverted by the patent of 1358 to The " Good " Sir James Douglas.
  4. The palace was sold by the entailed estate of Restrup, which had been established in 1756 by Levertzau, the late owner.
  5. In 1829 Jacob von Benzon took over the place, which became an entailed estate under the name " Benzon ".
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  7. While his entailed estate passed to the 5th Earl, he had willed the entire remainder of his wealth to his two daughters.
  8. The entailed estate and title passed to his legitimate son Don Mart韓 Cort閟 upon Cort閟's death in 1547, who became the Second Marquis.
  9. Because Lensahn was part of the Gottorp and later Oldenburg entailed estates for centuries, the red crossbars of the Oldenburg coat of arms were used.
  10. The title is held by one person at a time and is tied to an entailed estate ( " Fideikommiss " ), Gut Niendorf.
  11. Like the church, the landed aristocracy felt threatened by O'Higgins, resenting his attempts to eliminate noble titles and, more important, to eliminate entailed estates.
  12. In 1891 he inherited the Leyland Entailed Estates established under the will of his great-great-uncle, which passed to him following the death of his uncle Thomas Leyland.
  13. If Lord Kerry and his brother fail to produce legitimate sons, the entailed estates and titles will pass in due course to a descendant of their uncle Lord Robert Mercer Nairne.
  14. On 27 July 1529, a new Royal C閐ula was issued, permitting Cort閟 to establish a " mayorazgo " ( entailed estate ) or majorat annexed to the title.
  15. Cavendish's spending strained his resources, and he procured a private act of parliament to enable him to sell some of the entailed estates in discharge of his debts in 1628.
  16. As a desirable young heiress, Elizabeth Bearcroft married Captain Robert Charles Dighton Wilson in 1891 and they adopted the additional surname of MacQueen in 1912 when Elizabeth inherited entailed estates in Scotland.
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