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  1. Just what that resolution will entail is anybody's guess.
  2. It always entails a tough reaction, anywhere in the world.
  3. Both of our jobs entail getting everybody on his team ready.
  4. They have wholeheartedly rejected the shelter system and all that entails.
  5. This shows what being a peacekeeper in an ongoing war entails.
  6. It's difficult to find entail in a sentence.
  7. Abramson sees no way around the racial tensions this might entail.
  8. But Lott did not elaborate on what those compromises might entail.
  9. Qassem would not offer details of what this help would entail.
  10. This would entail a big risk for Airbus and its partners.
  11. The cuts also could entail spinning off or selling business units.
  12. But that entails political risks that Kim has shunned all along.
  13. That entails paying more attention to your diet and exercise habits.
  14. They are finding themselves, which entails losing us and Grafton.
  15. Other parts of the deal entail even heftier investments by Columbia.
  16. Or anyone whose theater job entails a tussle with the elements.
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