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  1. Every choice entails loss as well as gain.
  2. "This process will entail losses to shareholders, " the IMF said.
  3. This process will entail losses to shareholders.
  4. Relocation always entails losses and gains.
  5. If military action did not entail loss, national leaders would not be able to communicate their capabilities and resolve.
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  7. Possession, even if it is by a benign spirit, is regarded as undesirable, as it entails loss of self-control and violent emotional outbursts.
  8. The condition, called focal dystonia, results from repetitive stress and entails loss of fine motor control and thus an inability to finger strings with the needed dexterity.
  9. At minimum, exposure entails loss of honor and land and more serious offenses require ritual suicide ( seppuku ); a failed attempt on the life of the samurai's lord occasions the extermination of his entire family, losing the game.
  10. Some of these changes have been destructive, and all of them have inevitably occasioned, and for a long time yet will continue to occasion, great disturbances in old methods, and entail losses of capital and changes in occupation on the part of individuals.
  11. It's true that clean up will require time and effort, but it's equally true that rebuilding after deletion, presumably with some of the same content there now, will require time and effort, plus entail loss of edit history . ( And if more evidence is needed that women linguists is a notable topic, see Committee on the Status of Women in Linguistics and links therein . ) talk ) 06 : 03, 27 December 2016 ( UTC)

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