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  1. Unfortunately, using higher-energy ultraviolet photons to produce lower-energy visible photons entails a loss of about 30 percent of the energy.
  2. Even though price rigidities entail a loss of productive efficiency, this can be more than offset by a gain of efficiency in risk-sharing.
  3. The transfers were ordered in the aftermath of arson incidents for which the transferred inmates were thought to be responsible, and did not entail a loss of good time credits or any period of disciplinary confinement.
  4. Shifts to less-desirable states often entail a loss of ecosystem service and function, and have been documented in an array of terrestrial, marine, and freshwater environments ( reviewed in Folke et al . 2004 ).
  5. "Given that promoting export-led growth is a very important factor for countries at this level of development, in the long run, the potential drawback to being linked to a reasonably hard currency is that might entail a loss in international export competitiveness, " he said.
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