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  1. Indeed the particular argument that ensued embodied a more general one.
  2. The Vietnamese side shall be held responsible for the ensuing consequences.
  3. As Mrs . Mehmedovic recalled it, the following conversation ensued:
  4. They then forced the Raiders to punt on the ensuing possession.
  5. An ensuing SWC investigation found evidence of 28 NCAA rules violations.
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  7. Some of the ensuing nights were not so wonderful, either.
  8. Should the meetings break down, a trade war could ensue.
  9. Rodgers won't say much now about the ensuing brouhaha.
  10. About the beating of Rodney King and the riots that ensued.
  11. Excesses have been committed by both sides in the ensuing fighting.
  12. In the ensuing incident a marshal and the boy were killed.
  13. A shootout with Carradine ensues, and the couple ultimately escapes.
  14. The Zmolek incident touched off a brawl on the ensuing faceoff.
  15. I predict they're not going to ensue,"
  16. He missed the ensuing layup attempt, but no one cared.
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