ensue on in a sentence

"ensue on" in Chinese  
  1. Discussion ensued on details and we agreed to continue discussions on wiki.
  2. Some discussion ensued on the talk page about subsequent phase I trials.
  3. Public anger spreads through humanity, and rebellions nearly ensue on several colonies.
  4. More confusion ensued on the day of the launch of the Tabung.
  5. A discussion then ensues on who should be granted such extended life.
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  7. Fighting ensues on the ship between the drones and the mercenaries.
  8. A bank run ensued on both the Union and Savings Banks.
  9. A discussion ensued on talk as to whether Cyde should have done this.
  10. Instead of living happily ever after, issues ensue on both sides.
  11. A fierce battle ensued on the railway line at 7 am.
  12. A disastrous attack ensues on German positions across the Serchio River.
  13. Comprehensive construction ensued on the Wuchang segment of Line 4.
  14. Riots ensued on occasion and Ganz herself was frequently hungry while feeding the masses.
  15. An argument ensued on how many dogs it would take.
  16. Auburn would respond with a passing TD, and controversy would ensue on Arkansas'next possession.
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