ensue from in a sentence

"ensue from" in Chinese  
  1. Two problems ensue from the multiplicity of transcription systems used for Tlingit.
  2. Several tips ensued from players on both teams positioned by the basket.
  3. and economic contraction ensuing from these wars for over two decades.
  4. Whatever motivation can be noted for Capulet, tragic misunderstandings ensue from his decision.
  5. A negative reaction followed from the magazine's Chinese readers; apologies ensued from Leo Burnett.
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  7. The humiliation ensuing from that afternoon has haunted my life.
  8. A loud " Oh ! " ensued from the fans.
  9. The invitation, and what ensues from it, transforms Victoria's life.
  10. Over the next three acts, multiple complications ensue from the disguises and mistaken identities.
  11. The sports that ensue from running mile after countless mile in the waning twilight.
  12. Inflation tendencies reflect adjustment processes that ensue from distortions left by the former system,
  13. That complications might have ensued from signing such a document was not difficult to foresee.
  14. Complications ensue from the difficulties in tracing those responsible.
  15. But it is impossible to assess what damages, if any, might ensue from government investigations.
  16. The 54th leads the charge on the fort and heavy casualties ensue from artillery fire.
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