enstrom helicopter in a sentence

  1. The company acquired Enstrom Helicopter Corporation in December 2012 with production facilities in Menominee, Michigan, United States.
  2. The "'Enstrom 480 "'is a small, light helicopter produced by the Enstrom Helicopter Corporation.
  3. After leaving the Mirro cookware, Bolens tractors, Studebaker, and 3M . For Willys, Nutting designed Jeep Grand Wagoneer, and went on to design the Enstrom Helicopter.
  4. An Enstrom helicopter slated for the night show created such a spectacle of smoke and fireworks at an October demonstration in Huntsville, Ala ., that the local fire department raced onto the runway, Ogrodzinski said.
  5. Since delivering their first helicopter shortly after Federal Aviation Administration type certification of the F-28 model in April 1965, Enstrom Helicopter Corporation has produced over 1, 100 helicopters ( as of July 2011 ).
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  7. "He wasn't perceived as being an achiever in his youth, " says Robert Tuttle, an adviser to DEKA, the president and CEO of Enstrom Helicopter Corp ., and a close friend.
  8. Today, on most modern aircraft the swashplate is above the transmission and the pushrods are visible outside the fuselage, but a few early designs, notably light helicopters built by Enstrom Helicopter, placed it underneath the transmission and enclosed the rotating pushrods inside the mainshaft . This reduces rotor hub drag since there are no exposed linkages.

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